Sometimes the stresses of everyday life can take a physical toll. That is where the Therapeutic Wooden Acu-Pillow - Neck Support comes in. It can be used on your neck, upper back, lower back and feet.

Maybe you fell asleep wrong or you had a long strenuous day at work; either way, the Therapeutic Wooden Acu-Pillow - Neck Support is here to help.

This is an innovative new way to help:

    • Relieve tension in various parts of the body
    • Target pressure points to ease pain and tension along the body
    • Reduce muscle aches and migraine headaches
    • Increase blood circulation
    • Relieve pressure on the neck and vertebra

The Therapeutic Wooden Acu-Pillow - Neck Support comes in a natural wood finish that is environmentally safe by using no chemicals. It is handcrafted in the USA from premium basswood and is safe and easy to use.

The perfect compliment to The Posture Arch or The Posture Arch Mini (Travel Size)


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