The Relaxator Breathing Retrainer is a small and convenient tool to improve your breathing habits.

It’s extremely easy to use—simply place the Relaxator in your mouth and when you exhale it provides an adjustable level of resistance, which, when used regularly, helps you achieve optimal breathing with a resulting increase in your oxygen uptake.

The Relaxator is perfect for athletes or anyone who wants to improve their breathing and performance. With regular use, you’ll tone your lungs, increase your energy levels, reduce stress and anxiety, and experience better overall health.

The Relaxator Breathing Retrainer helps to: 

  • Promote abdominal breathing 
  • Gives rhythmic breathing
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve oxygenation 
  • Improve athletic performance 

When should you use The Relaxator Breathing Retrainer?

  1. For different health issues including asthma, coughing, aches and pains and low energy 
  2. In stress and difficult emotional situations
  3. During physical activity and relaxation 
  4. When working at the computer, painting the house, mowing the lawn or driving
  5. In your daily life in bed, reading, cooking or watching TV

How do you use The Relaxator Breathing Retrainer?

  1. Set the resistance of your choice by turning the Relaxator mouthpiece to adjust the vent.

    There are five levels of resistance: the smaller the opening, the greater the resistance. Five is the heaviest resistance and one is the lightest.

    The aim is for you to achieve a low, slow, small, relaxed and rhythmical breathing, so it is recommended that you increase the resistance slowly and gradually to make sure your breathing stays relaxed.

  2. Bring the Relaxator to your mouth
  3. Breathing OUT through the Relaxator 
  4. Inhale calmly through your nose 
  5. Use the Relaxator fifteen minutes once or twice daily 
  6. Maintain a relaxed breathing cadence when using the Relaxator 

The Relaxator is often purchased with Conscious Breathing By: Anders Olssonan easy to understand and practical self-help book written for those of you who wish to improve your health, boost your energy and ability to enjoy life.

With regular use, you’ll see a noticeable difference in how easily you can breathe and how good you feel.

Honsberger Physio+ offers in-person or virtual consultations to assess your breathing patterns and to provide one-on-one training for the use of this and other breath training products. To learn more, please email media@honsbergerphysio.com.


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