Acupressure Ball

Looking for a versatile and durable self-massage tool?
Look no further than the Active Body Ball, the #1 ranked self-massage tool for durability and versatility on the market!
The ONLY massage ball that can be frozen and heated without changing firmness! 
Specifically designed to get into the small areas, while being just big enough for the larger muscle groups, this ball can be used as a body weight leverage or hand held massage tool.
Soft around your joints or bony areas, while firm enough for more vigorous treatments, the Active Body Ball is perfect for anyone looking to improve their flexibility, mobility and circulation.
Get inspired to lead a healthier life with the Active Body Ball!
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Ontario, Canada!

The spikes grip the superficial tissue and help engage the fascia and allow for a soft contouring around bony points and ligaments. 

The solid rubber structure of the Active Body Ball allows for deep pressure to be applied to very specific points, called trigger points, and can be utilized as a leverage activated massage tool for deep muscle massage! 

Perfect for competitive athletes trying to stay on top of their game! 

Can help the following conditions:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Calf Tightness 
  • Achilles Tendon Pain
  • Hamstring Tightness
  • Knee Pain 
  • Lateral Hip Pain 
  • Buttock Pain
  • Tight Hips
  • Low Back Pain 
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder Stiffness
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • and more!


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