The STAMINAPRO Combo Pack is a revolutionary product that helps reduce inflammation before, during, and after activity.

Athletes push their bodies to the limit, which produces inflammation that causes muscle fatigue and soreness. The STAMINAPRO patch is the first of its kind to reduce inflammation before, during, and after activity – allowing you to train harder, recover faster, and perform better. We call this all new concept ACTIVE RECOVERY.


The STAMINAPRO patch should be applied directly onto the area of complaint to manage pain and inflammation. The patch is designed to stay firmly in place during activity without causing irritation to the skin even with excessive sweating. You can even shower with it! 

One patch will keep working for 24+ hours or longer, which is longer than your standard over the counter pills! 

The StaminaPro patches can also be used to alleviate:

  • post workout and athletic recovery
  • muscle aches and pains
  • joint pain
  • arthritis 
  • elbow pain
  • tennis elbow
  • rotator-cuff injuries
  • swimmers shoulder
  • heavy-lifting
  • postural pain
  • stiffness and swelling or pain in upper, mid or lower back
  • sciatic nerve pain
  • scoliosis
  • tight calves
  • shin splints
  • hamstring pain 
  • neck pain and headaches 
  • whiplash
  • and more! 


Using Energy Medicine Technology, STAMINAPRO patches deliver the power of more than 200 constituents which are known to reduce inflammation, promote recovery, and optimize performance.

They contain no harmful drugs, synthetic chemicals or side effects and are safe and effective for all ages. Our patches are non-transdermal; no chemicals or drugs enter the body.

Electron energy captured from: Amino Acids, Activators, Adaptogens, Antioxidants, Arnica, ATP, B-Complex, BCAAs, Beet Root, Bioperine, Boswellia, CoQ10, Curcumin, Enzymes, Glutathione, Green Tea Extract, Hops, L-Glutamine, Lavender, Leucine, Magnesium, MSM, Olive Leaf, Omega-3, Polyphenols, Telomerase, Turmeric, Vitamin D, Vitamins & Minerals, and over 200 more!


Electrons are imprinted into the patch and work naturally with your body’s own electric field to activate the innate natural healing energies that relieve pain and restore balance.

For the geeks and scientists among us: Each patch contains 5.2 x 10^19 molecular structures per square inch, each with 2 oxygen polar bonding areas capable of holding a targeted, host electron, creating a total possible charging capacity equal to 10.4 x 10^19 host electrons per square inch. After considering the average transmission field voltage of humans (200 micro volts) we can calculate the relative capacity, per square inch of patch, at 333 Pico Farads.

STAMINAPRO Packs Contains:
• Medium Patch 4 x (1.5”x2.75”)
• Large Patch 4 x (2.75”x4”)
• Strip Patch 4 x (2″ x 10″)

Patches come in assorted colors — all charged with the same powerful formula.

To show how effective the STAMINAPRO patches can be, a third-party CRO to conducted a formal clinical trial on how STAMINAPRO can help real people with real conditions.
Review the STAMINAPRO clinical results here.


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