The Backfriend is a unique backrest and seat base that provides correct contoured lumbar and thoracic support. Designed by a leading Orthopaedic Consultant. 

It's light and portable, making it perfect for use anywhere - in the car, at home, in the office or even while traveling!

The height adjustable design ensures a perfect fit for any individual user. Tested by 'What Car' magazine, who gave it a 5 star review, the Backfriend is the only product of its kind on the market.

The Backfriend fits ANY seat! 

Tested amongst 12 back supports by 'What Car' magazine who gave the MEDesign Backfriend (their only) 5 star rating!
We quote: The MEDesign Backfriend is the only one we recommend: it can make a bad seat good. Beautifully designed to allow freedom of movement; excellent support while avoiding pressure points. Highly recommended.


Width: 29½cm (11½”)
Height: 48cm (19”)
Padding: 2½cm (1”)

Seat Base
Width: 41cm (16”)
Depth: 36½cm (14½”)
Padding: SP - 2½cm (1”)

Colour: Heathered Dark Grey (as pictured).

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